Discretionary idling accounts for an average of 3,000 gallons of diesel a year on a typical sleeper truck. Diesel prices may vary, but this means installing an APU can result in savings of up to $10,000 a year.

Of course, the bottom line is to save money from the usage of the APU and we can help! If you are on the market for an APU call us today. At Status Truck & Trailer Repair we can give you different options for a refurbished APU unit that will help you start saving money.

Let us help you find the APU that best meets your needs.

We have a wide variety of refurbished units from different manufacturers available: Thermo King Tripac APU, Carrier APU, Rigmaster APU, Green APU, HP 2000 APU, Rig Master APU, Comfort Master APU, and Storm power systems APU.

We ship to the United States and Canada.  Call today, we will be glad to assist you.

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Auxiliary power units can really open the world of comfort up, and let you go (and stay) places far from home. Let our service techs know how they might help you with all of your APU, generator, bunk heater or inverter needs.

APU Unit Refurbishing Process

At Status Truck & Trailer Repair we have a very thorough refurbishing process. All APU units are repaired, cleaned, painted, inspected and tested for full functionality.


1 Carrier unit PC6022
2 Carrier units PC6000
1 Thermo-King Tri-Pack 3000030407
1 Thermo-King Tri-Pack 055D02A008

1 Thermo-King Tri-Pack 1153tc2511
2 ProHeat Gen 4 Model 2006
1 Dynasys Model 2013
1 HP 2000 Unit
1 Tripac Evolution APU

1 RigMaster LG200-K
1 RigMaster T46K
1 Webasto FCF5000
1 Little Giant APS115

90-Day Warranty

We give our customers a 90-day warranty on all refurbished APU units.

Refurbished APU Unit

Refurbished Carrier PC6000 unit. All components are included.

Climate control unit
Cab command
All cables and refrigerant hoses
New upper/lower radiator hoses
New fan belt
New generator belt
New fuel filters
New oil filter
New air filter

Refurbished Carrier APU Unit - Status Truck & Trailer Repair 1
Refurbished Carrier APU Unit - Status Truck & Trailer Repair 2
Refurbished Carrier APU Unit - Status Truck & Trailer Repair 3

We Service ALL Major APU Brands

Thermo King Tripac APU

By using TriPac, drivers can reduce fuel cost, rest comfortably during stops and comply with local, state and federal anti-idle laws. Reducing unnecessary truck engine idling also reduces engine wear and extends engine maintenance intervals. TriPac’s own diesel engine uses an automatic start/stop feature for additional fuel

Thermo King TriPac APU unit

Rigmaster Power APU

Turn off your engine and turn on a Rigmaster. Higher fuel prices and reduced truck engine efficiencies due to changing EPA requirements and the adoption of ULSD have all worked to create a challenging operating environment for fleets and owner operators. The RigMaster APU will relieve growing operating costs and stabilize the risks of a volatile market.
RigMaster Power is a complete stand-alone Auxiliary Power Unit that runs all night on what your idling truck engine burns in two hours.

Rigmaster Power APU

Carrier APU

Idling a tractor engine for in-cab comfort or to ensure cold starts is very costly. It increases fuel cost, engine hours, engine maintenance, and service cost. With the Carrier auxiliary power unit (APU), you can turn off your engine, be comfortable, and turn down your operating costs. Externally mounted on the side rails, Carrier’s APU is protected by a weatherproof compartment and runs off the truck’s fuel supply.

Carrier APU Unit

HP2000 APU

With it’s reinforced frame and weather sealed lid, it is built to handle the extreme temperatures and rough conditions that drivers battle daily. By eliminating the need for the truck’s engine to idle, not only does it eliminate wear and tear on the drive engine while idling, fuel consumption is reduced by up to 90% verses idling. These advantages are attained yet still allow the driver to enjoy all of the comforts of an idling engine. In addition, our patented heat pump system allows for less componentry, resulting is less weight, moving parts and less noise.

HP2000 Xtreme APU