Status Transportation, Winter Garden, FL, is a transport company located approximately 20 minutes from downtown Orlando, Florida. It employs truck owners, to lease-on their trucks on a contract basis, to ferry goods from one point to another. Status Transportation works as an agent since it connects drivers with loads. With a decade of experience, it has taken the transport industry to another level through overcoming strict competition and offering quality services.

Status Transportation Winter Garden, FL has many successful owner operators on the road from coast to coast.

Status Transportation Winter Garden, FL portrays a different perception to trucking from other companies’ operations, making us unique. Many drivers have joined our corporation, thus increasing our activities all over the country.

Truck owners or commonly known as “owner operators,” have an advantage over other drivers for they decide on which load their truck will or not carry.

Due to increased workload, Status Transportation needs independent truck owner operators to join this company on a contract basis. This corporation aims at developing a long-lasting partnership with its contractors through providing tasks throughout the year, education and developing systems and best market offers.

Loads hauled by Status Transportation:

  • Paper products
  • Metal products
  • Foodstuff
  • Beverages
  • Furniture
  • Electronics
Status Transportation Winter Garden, FL transport many different kinds of loads.

Reasons why you should work with Status Transportation Corporation

Best market rates offered

With a very skilled team of dispatchers behind its back, this company is familiar with all the market rates and dedicate its resources to getting the best price for its contractors. It uses different approaches and proven strategies to get the best market rates during high and low season. Status Transportation conducts independent researches to approach the best payment options in the USA; this enables the drivers to plan their schedules in this fast-changing transport industry strategically.

Owner-operators are encouraged to contact dispatch team to design a strategy which will maximize your incomes.

Uninterrupted workflow

Status Transportation has created long-lasting relations with brokers and shippers from every corner of the country. With more than 5000+ dealers, there is no way a driver can be idle. The number is growing fast, keeping our trucks on their wheels throughout the year.

Transportation support

It is no doubt that sometimes transportation can be a menace, but unlike others, Status Transportation works hard to help you during your journey, in case you needed truck maintenance, fuel filling or any other issue you may face. Our team of dispatchers plans your time on the road during the task, giving you enough time for you and your family. Every member of our team ensures you are comfortable at your work.

Status Transportation Winter Garden, FL provides class leading support to drivers.

Creating a healthy relationship for drivers in the industry

While other trucking industries focus on increasing the number of truck owners in their operations, Status Transportation Winter Garden, FL is set to provide more to its drivers than just an account. We ensure that are given opportunities to access the benefits of the relationships developed by the company.

Good reputation

Status Transportation Winter Garden, FL have proven they are reputable in the industry by providing high-quality service to its customers. Shippers have rated this company as well in the trucking industry. This quality has also attracted many owner-operators in this company.

Work environment

Status Transportation Winter Garden, FL makes all drivers feel at home, and drivers have good relations in every department from dispatch team, safety team and the accounting department. Our representatives are always is ready to answer any questions you may have. This personalized service is developed from understanding mutual benefits hence stronger business relationship.

Non-forced dispatch method

This method allows a driver to view the load before accepting the task at hand; the driver can either take or reject it. You may deny it if you don’t have enough hours to complete it as required. This method is advantageous in which you can plan your time and decide on your off days. The only limitations portrayed by this freedom is the cancellation of the task is unacceptable once the job has been accepted, and it is also impossible to change rates once you receive it.

Simple Payment program

The Status Transportation payment plan is straight forward and easy to understand. We have two main options, one for OTR and one for Regional owner-operators. You can use our trailer or bring on yours.

We offer our payments every week, ensuring our drivers have a steady flow of income directly deposited to their accounts. The only requirement is for you to deliver all the paperwork to the accounting department on time for proper documentation and processing payments.

Status Transportation Winter Garden, FL then sends payment settlement statements via email to all drivers, and any questions directed to the accounting department.

Are you a truck owner and in search of a good transport company to work with, then Status Transportation Winter Garden FL will provide you with steady workflow. Our dispatch team working around the clock takes you step by step from the point of pick up till you deliver the load to its destination. The payment program is flexible, and our drivers have been enthusiastic about it.

Since we are currently recruiting, we are inviting all truck owners to visit us and work with us. So don’t just sit there visit Status Transportation, Winter Garden FL or contact us via this website or on Facebook for a fantastic deal.