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How important is it to do the pre-trip inspection?

Status Truck & Trailer Repair Pre-trip Inspection

Status Truck & Trailer Repair Pre-trip Inspection

The pre-trip inspection can save your life, that’s how important it is. Other than being a DOT requirement it is not just something that goes into your logbook. The pre-trip inspection will save you a lot of time spent in the repair shop and remember as a truck driver, time is money. Drivers who don’t do the pre-trip inspection can go through a new set of tires after 2 months. And those who perform their pre-trip inspection will have tires worn only by one point in the same 2 months. That’s a huge difference and the small amount of time spent doing this inspection saves a lot of time, money, and stress in the end. In extreme cases, the pre-trip can save your life. What if during the pre-trip inspection you found your brake lines leaking? What is you hadn’t caught this before you started driving?

How long should it take to do a pre-trip inspection?

There is not a specific set time on how long a pre-trip inspection should take, it depends on each individual driver to assess that. If you check everything you should be checking, a full inspection should take you approximately 30 to 50 minutes. The key to a good inspection is to take your time while working your way systematically through each section of your vehicle and performing each check fully.

Before driving the truck, the trucker must be satisfied that the vehicle is in safe operating condition. Then he must review the last driver’s inspection report and sign it, certifying that any required repairs have been performed.

What are the consequences of not doing a pre-trip inspection?

Federal and state laws require inspection by the driver, and if you fail to do a pre-trip inspection, a DOT inspector can place your vehicle out of service. So why risk your life, or the life of another in an unsafe vehicle?

At Status Truck & Trailer Repair, we care about your safety and would like to remind you to always protect yourself and others by performing a thorough vehicle inspection.

DOT Inspector explains what he looks for when checking semis

A Federal DOT inspector shows a group what he looks for when he stops a tractor trailer and makes sure it is road worthy. He answers the question that truckers and trucking companies have been asking for years. This video is a great resource for drivers and managers.