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Semi Truck Radiator and Cooling System

Visit our truck repair shop for all your radiator and cooling system needs

Visit our truck repair shop for all your radiator and cooling system needs

The cooling system is one of the most important components in a well-functioning diesel engine. Visiting your truck repair shop to properly maintain the cooling system is crucial to ensuring the engine runs properly and lasts a long time. In fact, engine coolant maintenance is just as important as an oil change. Some diesel engine owners wonder if the cooling system in their vehicle operates the same way as a cooling system in a regular gas engine. Effectively, the systems operate the same way, only the coolant condition in a diesel engine may even be more important than in a gasoline engine.

One of the biggest reasons for neglect is probably that owners simply don’t understand how important it is to periodically check the coolant’s condition, even though this task is a necessary aspect of routine semi truck maintenance.

Coolant leaks are caused by cracked or ill-fitting hoses or a hole in the radiator itself. Radiator metal is thin and easily damaged, but the number one cause of coolant leaks is corrosion. The number one cause of corrosion is a lack of routine maintenance. That’s why it’s so important to see your technician on a regular basis.

For diesel trucks using green antifreeze, the recommendation for coolant service is usually around two years or 30,000 miles. For diesel engines running extended life coolant, service is around five years or 100,000 miles. To be on the safe side, have a mechanic check the antifreeze every six months during other routine semi truck maintenance.

If we detect any coolant leaks we can repair them or replace the damaged part, so stop in today for a free inspection!

We recommend having your cooling system professionally inspected

by your Status technician at least once a year.